Minister of Commerce and Industry and Minister of Social Affairs and Community Development Fahd Al-Shariaan issued a ministerial decision regarding the executive regulations for private nurseries.

The Ministerial Resolution No. 139 of 2022, the executive regulations of Law No. 22 of 2014 regarding private nurseries, included a set of rules, including the obligations of the license application, the objectives of nurseries, the services they provide, and the activities that are permitted and prohibited.

According to the ministerial decision, the third article allows individuals, public and private institutions, companies, public benefit associations, or any business entity whose nature of work or the conditions of its employees require the existence of a nursery, to apply for a license to establish the home in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Article 30 stipulates that the value of fees does not exceed 1800 dinars per child for the academic year at a monthly premium of 200 dinars, and that the Ministry sets fees for nurseries in coordination with the concerned authorities, taking into account the type of services and activities provided.

Article 4 prohibited the issuance of several licenses to the licensee of a nursery, with the permissibility of opening one or more branches with the same name as the nursery, while Article 8 prohibited assigning the license to others without the written approval of the Ministry.

In order to obtain the license, according to Article 12, the applicant must be a Kuwaiti, hold a diploma or university qualification, and not work in a government or private institution.

The decision set a period of one month to study the license application through a specialized committee, after submitting it to the competent department, with a maximum limit of two months from the date of submitting the application.

The license is issued according to Article 16 for a period of 5 years, and the license holder must review the Ministry at least 4 months before its expiry.

In Article 22 of Chapter Six, it is stipulated that the administrative and supervisory staff working in the nursery should be female only, for the positions of “house director, supervisor, assistant superintendent, secretary.” It also stipulated that the director of the nursery be a university in the educational field or a diploma and an experience of not less than 5 years.

Article 23 defines supervision of children.

Conditions for accepting children in nurseries :

-Infant stage from the age of 30 days to less than two years

-Higher stage children from two to two and a half years

-Stage three from two and a half to three years

-Nursery stage from 3 years to under the age of kindergarten

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