• The Minister of the Interior: Accountability of defaulters with the controls on entering residential places
  • The ministerial circular specifies the mechanisms for executing orders to enter private premises to ensure the implementation of the job duties of policemen.

The First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Ahmed Al-Nawaf declared negligent police officers will be held accountable in the case of dereliction of duty.

Al-Nawaf issued further instructions following the arrest of a tweeter for what was seen as a violation of the ministerial circular regarding the implementation of orders to enter ‘residential areas’, reports a local Arabic daily.

The daily has learned a decision has been issued to refer the Ministry of Interior’s Assistant Undersecretary for Criminal Security Affairs, Major General Muhammad Al-Sharhan, and the Director of the Cybercrime Department, Colonel Abdulaziz Al-Mutawa, to the Ministry’s office.

The former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Ahmed Al-Mansour had issued a circular during his tenure in the ministry, in which he specified the mechanisms for implementing orders to enter residential places, in order to ensure the implementation of the orders by policemen within the limits so that the rights and dignity of those against whom the search and arrest warrant are issued.

Among the most prominent conditions set by the circular are understanding of the nature of their mission and the legal basis, showing professionalism, discipline and morals, behaving tactfully coupled with firmness without abuse of power, and commitment to what maintains security and order, protects public and private property, and reputation and dignity, morals, customs and traditions of society, respecting human dignity, safeguarding public and private freedoms and human rights, not doing any inhuman and degrading acts and other methods of cruel treatment or using inappropriate manner, taking into account the elderly, women, children, people with disabilities and special needs.

The circular also stipulates not to use force except in cases of necessity, and not to resort to the use of weapons, except in accordance with the legally established controls, and in a manner that is necessary to perform the duty and proportionate to the situation and after taking all possible precautionary measures and exhausting all other means, and accompanying female police officers if it is required for executing tasks and orders in which there are families including women or children.

The circular identified a number of legally established procedural controls, including:

• That the women be searched by a female police officer delegated by the investigator, and that the witnesses during the search in such cased should be women.

• The premised should be searched during the day and after obtaining permission from the Prosecutor; and it is not permissible to enter the premises at night or without permission unless the investigator decides otherwise.

• If there are women on the premises, and the purpose of entry is not to search and arrest, traditions must be taken into account without prejudice to the interest of the inspection or the mission and their results.

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