There are several abandoned buildings in the Salhiya area, supposedly devoid of residents and vacate of shops, with the electricity and water cut off, however, there are signs these are inhabited by illegal residents, Al-Qabas daily reported. The daily also mentioned several violations including illegal use of utilities.

The derelict buildings are an eyesore in the capital alongside luxurious commercial complexes, restaurants and luxury cafés, showing a sharp contrast between the modern sights against the broken-down areas hiding illegal residents. It has become imperative for the authorities to move to handle the illegal residents in the buildings as they pose security concerns and a threat to the neighboring people.

The daily revealed that an inspection of the building uncovered residents stealing electricity and water while there were signs of people living there with discarded clothes.

The surrounding area has become a dumping ground with shattered glass from the empty shops strewn around, rubble and garbage, as well as dust covering the building. This is despite the demand for modernization at the center of the capital, and growth and development showcased at the heart of the capital.


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