Director of the Public Authority for Youth, Dr. Mishaal Al-Shaheen Al-Rabei, says the World Bank has heaped praises on the Authority for the positive results and achievements acquired through its youth development projects and said the bank singled out the ‘Work Maker’ project, which trains Kuwaiti youth to meet the demands of the labor market, saying the project has so far provided more than 1,100 training opportunities that ended with Kuwaitis working in various sectors.

Al-Rabei said, “The bank expressed in an official letter to the authority its admiration for its projects, after a WB technical advisory team participated in strategic meetings with the authority, to identify areas of cooperation and support that it can provide within the framework of the national partnership between the State of Kuwait and the bank, reports a local Arabic daily.

He went on to say, the meetings included discussions with decision-makers in government agencies, such as the Civil Service Commission, the Public Authority for Manpower, the Ministry of Finance, the Public Institution for Social Security, in addition to the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry. (Academic Counseling Center), which registered more than 330 counseling appointments, (Youth Creativity League), in which more than 2,200 young men and women participated, and (Professional Entrepreneur), in which more than 700 entrepreneurs participated.

Al-Rabei pointed to the Work Makers project, saying the “expanding the scope of the project’s work will directly contribute to addressing imbalances in the labor market and implementing the national employment strategy supervised by the General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development.”

He praised the World Bank for the efforts of the Youth Authority in setting the general framework for the “Academic Guidance Center” project and the distinguished capabilities of the project’s executive team, in providing counseling and guidance services to school students, and helping them choose future professional specializations and enroll in international universities, despite the recent launch of the project.

He said the Youth Authority submitted to the Steering Committee of the National Partnership Framework, a request for approval of a technical cooperation project with the World Bank, with the aim of expanding the sub-projects of the National Youth Policy related to the rehabilitation, training and employment of young people, increasing the number of beneficiaries, and setting up a system that helps the Authority to monitor youth programs relevant to the priorities of the national policy, follow-up on its implementation, and assess its impact on the youth system.

He pointed out that “technical cooperation is compatible with two axes (National Partnership Framework 2021-2025), namely: investing in human capital as a major work in wealth creation, and enabling the private sector to become an engine of growth and provider of job opportunities in a diversified economy.”

Al-Rabee said he is happy with the World Bank’s commendation of the progress made by the authority to support and empower youth, pointing to the great efforts made by the employees and affiliates of the authority in implementing youth programs and services and providing all possibilities for young people at all levels.

He also extended his thanks and appreciation to the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development, Dr. Khaled Mahdi, for his support of the authority’s efforts and involvement in the implementation of the national employment strategy.

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