The Director of the Communications and Information Technology Regulatory Authority, Salem Al-Othaina said “the authority has a vision to Kuwaitize the field of information security in all sectors of the country.

He added this vision is based on an integrated program to qualify Kuwaitis in all sectors, and its implementation will begin when the Supreme Committee for the Cybersecurity Strategy Program is approved, reports a local Arabic daily.

He pointed out the preparation of a security policy to protect sensitive national data from penetration or transfer abroad has been completed and all state sectors will start implementing it.

Al-Othaina added, in a government memorandum, a copy of which has been obtained by the daily, that the authority recommended updating all laws related to cybersecurity, including the cybercrime law, by chairing the two committees formed by the Council of Ministers, indicating that “through the cybersecurity strategy program, all laws related to cyber security in Kuwait will be reviewed, to assess their compatibility with the technological development witnessed by the world, and to propose new laws to address the gaps in the current laws.”

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