MP Hamad Al-Olayan has directed a parliamentary question to the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled, regarding the ministry’s procedures to prevent the entry of holders of Israeli citizenship into Kuwait, who also hold Gulf or foreign passports.

Al-Olayan asked whether the Ministry of Interior had a specific vision for strengthening the security of Kuwait and implementing the law prohibiting normalization with the Zionists, by preventing the entry of any person holding Israeli nationality into Kuwait, by any means, even if he holds a passport and the nationality of another foreign country, in addition to his Israeli nationality, and the mechanisms adopted by the Ministry in this context.

He requested the measures taken by the Ministry of Interior to implement Kuwaiti legislation that prohibits normalization with the Zionists, and considers Kuwait to be in a state of war with the Zionist gangs that occupy Palestinian and Arab lands, and how the Ministry of Interior verifies that foreigners entering Kuwait do not possess Israeli citizenship in addition to the other foreign nationalities.

He also wants to know if there are modern technologies that help in this, or does the Ministry rely only on the prior or subsequent information it receives.

He asked, “Did it happen during the past twenty years – from 2003 to 2023 – that foreigners with foreign nationalities and passports from those countries entered Kuwait, and then it later became clear to the Ministry of Interior that some of them hold Israeli citizenship?” He wants to know what action had the ministry taken at that time?

He inquired about Kuwait’s position on the unified Gulf tourist visa project, and whether the Kuwaiti government unconditionally approved this unified visa, refused to implement it, or had reservations about it, and whether Kuwait will be among the Gulf countries that implement this visa, and when will it be implemented in Kuwait.

He concluded by saying, “It was reported on social media that Kuwait would have reservations about the unified Gulf tourist visa, which was approved at the Gulf Interior Ministers’ meeting a few days ago, and that the reason for the reservation is security considerations specific to Kuwait that prevent it from receiving some of the nationalities that other Gulf countries receive.

He has asked for details in this regard.

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