Cardiology consultant at Sabah Al-Ahmad Heart Center and a member of the Kuwait Heart Association, Dr. Khaled Faeq Al-Mulla, said the center has made qualitative and technical strides that coincided with the increase in the number of cases it receives, and it is continuing to move forward towards excellence, indicating that all the center’s services are provided according to the best international technologies.

In a press statement to Al-Rai, Al-Mulla said that the non-interventional examination unit of the Heart Department at the New Amiri Hospital in 2021 performed 4,659 ultrasound examinations of the heart, in addition to 68 of the esophagus during the same year.

He explained the Sabah Al-Ahmad Center provides similar non-invasive examinations to patients. In 2021, the center performed 1,666 ultrasounds of the heart, including 24 esophageal ultrasounds. The center also performed 25 tests for the effort of the heart and installed and analyzed 590 Holter devices, and 200 devices to measure blood pressure this year to complete the numbers of the same department in the new Amiri Hospital.

He pointed out that the Sabah Al-Ahmad Heart Center is keen to perform multiple imaging tests, in order to obtain the utmost accuracy in diagnosis, pointing out that the service providers at the center are keen to provide advanced treatments that are characterized by speed and effectiveness.

Al-Mulla stated, “we, as doctors at Sabah Al-Ahmad Heart Center, always strive to raise awareness of heart diseases and their causes, and therefore our first advice to all people is the necessity of preserving the heart, as they always say, ‘Prevention is better than cure,”

In his statement, Al-Mulla stressed the need to exercise periodically, quit smoking, be keen on healthy nutrition away from harmful fast food, and in the end, take care of the periodic examination of the heart.

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