The Minister of Public Works has reassured the Minister of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy Ali Al-Mousa regarding the preparations of the Ministry of Electricity and Water for the upcoming summer season, stressing that this year will be better because of the tight maintenance operations carried out by the Ministry for all stations during this period, and no technical problems will occur, God willing.

The minister said: “We will cross this summer, as every year, safely. Water and electricity are available in the country, thank God, in big quantities, but some sporadic accidents occur, which are not in our hands,” he added.

Al-Mousa said this during his inspection visit to see the progress of work at the Subbiya power station and water distillation plant. He was accompanied by the Undersecretary of the Ministry, Khalifa Al-Farij, and the chief engineer for the operation and maintenance of the stations, Engineer Haitham Al-Ali and a number of officials of the stations sector.

During his visit the minister broke the Ramadan fast with the shift workers at the station. He thanked the workers and appreciated their dedication to work and their keenness on the stability of the ministry’s electrical and water networks.

Addressing the workers, Al-Mousa said, “Our national workforce is a source of pride for the ministry and the power stations sector is the backbone of the ministry through which the state’s needs of electricity and water are secured.” In his praise of the Kuwaiti youth working at the station, he said, “It is no secret to everyone that they are unknown soldiers, who continue day and night over twenty-four hours to maintain the security of electricity and water at this station.”

He stressed the importance of developing and rehabilitating the human element to be able to face any challenges to the electrical or water network, indicating that this station is similar in its work to the Doha station.

In the context of his conversation with the station’s employees, Al-Mousa said: “During my period of work at the West Doha station, I was working under the turbines, but God decreed for me to change the field. I did not expect the magnitude of the change in the station, and this change has been made with your help, and God willing, I will be of assistance to you, and the investment is not in machinery or contracts, but the real investment is in the youth of Kuwait.”

He pointed out that “there is coordination between the ministry and parliamentary committees in the National Assembly, regarding granting all employees their full rights and allowances.”

In turn, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Electricity and Water, Khalifa Al-Farij, praised the visit of Minister Al-Mousa to the station, explaining that the preparations for the summer period, which take great interest from all sectors of the ministry, were reviewed.

He said, “We have made great strides in electrical maintenance operations and water desalination units, and we have completed 70 percent of the preparations for next summer, and we are continuing maintenance operations, and by the end of May we will have finished most of the maintenance at the various stations of the ministry.”

He added: “Our engineering and technical cadres, thankfully, enjoy a very high spirit of work, and continue to perform their duties to the fullest. Minister Al-Mousa was briefed on the progress of work at the station, and visited more than one control unit.”

Regarding upcoming projects, he said: “We have two projects that will be completed to generate 1,150 megawatts, and they are complementary to the station’s work.”

Al-Mousa inspected the ECR (electrical control room), where he was briefed on the workflow and the procedures followed to ensure the readiness of the electric power and water distillation plants for the summer of 2022.

The director of the Subbiya station, Talal Al-Shammari, gave a detailed explanation to Minister Al-Mousa about the mechanism of the electrical control system at the station, which has a production capacity of 7100 megawatts and represents 35% of the total electrical energy produced by the State of Kuwait, and the production capacity of water is 100 million imperial gallons per day.

During a visit to the TCR (Thermal Control Room), Al-Shimmari explained that the station was established in 1998, indicating that projects are being continuously updated and developed, explaining that there is a tender for the fourth phase of the station to increase the production capacity of electricity, and that work is stable at the station, and there is no Delays in periodic and continuous maintenance.

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