The Minister of Public Works and Minister of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy Ali Al-Mousa announced today, Saturday, the completion of the preparation of the list of electric vehicles chargers in Kuwait, with the aim of setting strategies, organizing rules, foundations and standards for the charging system for electric cars, stressing the ministry’s keenness to keep pace with the global movement towards the use of electric cars.

Minister Al-Mousa said in a statement to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that the regulation that aims to provide electric car chargers service to customers has established a mechanism to increase the locations of charging points in different regions in Kuwait, in addition to the foundations of linking the system to the network of the Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy in accordance with the technical conditions and appropriate standard standards given the climatic conditions of Kuwait regarding electric car chargers, reports a local Arabic daily.

He explained that the proposed sites for installing electric chargers include government buildings, including the ministries complex, in addition to commercial buildings such as cooperative societies, commercial complexes, health clubs and investment buildings, in addition to private housing.

He considered the electric car market in Kuwait to be “in a stage of great growth and that there are many customers who turned to electric cars,” noting that “preparing this regulation would encourage many foreign companies producing electric cars to enter the Kuwaiti market, which is one of the goals that the Ministry of Electricity seeking to achieve it by providing an attractive infrastructure for foreign investments.”

Minister Al-Mousa indicated that the global shift towards electric cars aims to use clean energy for transportation and reduce carbon dioxide emissions and other pollutants, stressing that this trend is in line with the Kuwait 2035 Vision of achieving a sustainable living environment and creating a clean environment with less pollution.

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