Director-General of the Kuwait Municipality, Eng Ahmed Al-Manfouhi said work will soon begin on the initial steps to build a plant to convert solid waste into environmentally friendly fuel charcoal.

A local Arabic daily quoting Eng Al-Manfouhi said, after he presided over the Coordination Committee meeting which was attended by sector heads and a number of officials, that the new solid waste diversion plant will be a gateway to finding healthy landfills which will have economic returns, noting that the factory’s capacity exceeds the amount of waste currently received by the Mina Abdullah landfill.

The estimated capacity, Al-Manfouhi said, is more than 2000 tons, to replace the new project to replace the landfill of the southern region. Eng Al-Manfouhi announced that the operation of the waste plant will be entrusted to the Kuwait Cement Company, as it is one of the leading government companies, which will achieve the success of the vital project on more than one level, whether economically or environmentally after obtaining the necessary approvals from the concerned government agencies.

He stressed that the operation and management of the landfill will be entirely by the Kuwait Cement Company, under the supervision of the Municipality, and with the participation of a work team representing the municipality to gain experience and supervise the project work stages, and remove any obstacles facing any stage of its implementation, stressing the vitality of the project, which will be the starting point for closing and the rehabilitation of the current landfills, which drain areas of the state’s land by filling it with waste and burying it underground.

He explained that among the other vital projects, within the municipality’s plan to close the current landfills, is a project to establish and operate a sanitary landfill in the Kabd region that is in line with international standards, and is environmentally friendly as an alternative to the current Jahra landfill.

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