Market fire

Director-General of the Kuwait Municipality, Eng Ahmed Al-Manfouhi, has issued a decision to form a committee to follow up on the decisions which are issued from time to time by the Council of Ministers — from April 1, 2022 until March 31, 2023.

A local Arabic daily said the committee will be headed by the Deputy Director-General for Urban and Structural Planning. Al-Manfouhi specified the committee’s competencies to follow up on all requests and letters received by the Municipality from the Council of Ministers, to prepare the necessary responses as soon as possible, and to coordinate and follow up with all authorities and departments inside and outside the Municipality, to ensure the speedy preparation of responses, and follow up on the implementation of decisions and recommendations issued by the Council of Ministers, while at the same time preparing periodic reports on a monthly basis on all transactions referred to the committee, including identification of deficiencies, if any, and the name of the person responsible.

Meanwhile, Eng Al-Manfouhi added the Municipality is not competent to prepare a regulation for allocating temporary sites for industrial and service facilities. In a letter addressed to the Director-General of the Public Authority for Industry, regarding the authority’s proposal to allocate temporary sites for industrial and service facilities, Eng Al-Manfouhi said, according to what has been recommended by Fatwa and Legislation Department, concluded that the municipality is not competent to prepare a regulation for the allocation of temporary sites for industrial and service facilities, and that the industry authority is the authority in charge of preparing this regulation, seeking the opinion of the concerned authorities, and providing the fatwa with the opinion of these bodies, so that the draft regulation can be studied and reviewed in an appropriate legal formula.

On the other hand, Eng Al-Manfouhi called for the formation of a fact-finding committee into the fire that broke out the day before yesterday in the Tent Market in the Rai area.

Al-Manfouhi said, in a letter to the Minister of State for Municipal Affairs, regarding the Tent Market fire, that “in view of the outbreak of a fire in the Tent Market in the Al-Rai area, please form a neutral fact-finding committee to discuss the causes of the fire, determine the measures taken by the concerned authorities towards this incident, and determine the names of those responsible and hold the negligent people accountable, whether from within or outside the Municipality.”

Al-Manfouhi stressed the need to know the culprit and to develop radical solutions to prevent the recurrence of such fires and limit them to protect the citizens, residents and their properties.

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