The Director General of the Kuwait Municipality, Eng Ahmed Al-Manfouhi, has issued a circular to lift all abandoned vehicles and cars offered for sale by the roadside and mobile groceries, citing violation of Municipal laws.

The circular, a copy of which has been obtained by a local Arabic daily, specified that the vehicles would be sold after 3 months through public auction.

Al-Manfouhi said some of the mobile groceries do not adhere to the sites licensed to them by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and cause traffic jams, distort the civilized appearance, or disturb some residents in residential areas.

It is also within the framework of following up on complaints received about abandoned cars and those offered for sale and the danger they may represent for their exploitation by some vested interests.

Therefore, the heads of the concerned sectors, the directors of the branches and the directors of the competent departments, each within its jurisdiction, must take into account the following:

First: Regarding mobile groceries and similar vehicles: Take the necessary legal measures in accordance with the provisions of Article VI of Ministerial Resolution No. 30 of 2021 referred to above to lift and remove mobile vehicles violating the sites licensed to them by the authorities that issued the license in accordance with the sites identified by the Municipality in advance for those authorities.

Second: Abandoned cars offered for sale: Take the necessary legal measures as stipulated in Article 9 of Ministerial Resolution No. 190 of 2008 regarding the regulation of hygiene and waste transport and its amendments as follows:

A – Abandoned and scrap vehicles by moving them to the places specified by the municipality, and it is not permissible to leave them in the streets, on sidewalks, in public squares.

B – The vehicles offered for sale are prohibited from occupying streets, squares and public squares therein. The municipality may warn the owners of those vehicles to remove them within 24 hours by placing a sign in this regard.

In the event of a violation in the two previous cases, the Municipality has the right to seize the vehicles and we also call on the committee concerned with selling the seized vehicles to work after the lapse of three months from the date of seizure and the failure of its owner to retrieve it and pay its dues to sell the vehicle by public auction and deduct those dues from its price according to the applicable systems.

The municipality disclaims responsibility for any damages to the vehicle during the lifting, transporting or impounding process.

On the other hand, Eng Al-Manfouhi has issued a circular regarding the prevention of the use of basements as warehouses other than their authorized purposes.

In the circular, he said: Out of keenness to implement the law and prevent any transgressions that could pose a threat to lives and property, we call upon all control units in the various sectors and branches of the municipality, each within its jurisdiction, to intensify inspection tours and control campaigns to prevent the use of basements as warehouses in violation of regulations and laws and not to allow the construction to be used for any purpose other than the purpose for which it is licensed and taking all deterrent legal measures against violators.

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