The Tamdeen Group won the best future project, at the annual ceremony held by the International Retail and Entertainment Organization in the British capital, London — the Al-Khairan ‘Hybrid Outlet’ Mall project, one of the projects of the Tamdeen Group.

The project offers a variety of new shopping and entertainment options that have been defined exclusively in the retail sector by the concept of “Hybrid Outlet”, a new phrase used to express the merger between added value and renewable experiences that are provided to the customer.

This concept, Al-Anba daily said, is a direct response to customers’ changing demands and their increasing expectations for a comprehensive and integrated shopping and entertainment experience. Al Khairan “Hybrid Outlet” offers an ideal value for shopping, in addition to unique and multiple dining experiences and entertainment components based on technology and artificial intelligence, in addition to a full year-round program that includes various events, exhibitions and shows.

The mall extends over 350,000 square meters in the heart of Sabah Al-Ahmad Marine City and includes 70,000 square meters of retail space. The project also reveals exceptional interior designs that include a variety of shops and entertainment experiences that meet the needs of the modern consumer and respond to his requests The increasing number of people get everything new and different, and in particular, what is of added value, as the Al-Khairan project offers its patrons more than 300 shops and options of restaurants, multiple cafes, family entertainment centers and others with a technological nature.

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