The issue of renewal of work permits for non-graduate expatriate workers who have reached the age of 60 or more is still affecting about 54,000 foreigners or rather their fate is in the hands of the concerned authorities after the Public Authority for Manpower issued a decision at the beginning of 2020 not to renew the residence permits of this category or workers.

In this regard, Al-Rai quoting sources said, a decree to transfer the Public Authority for Manpower under the authority of the Minister of Justice and Minister of State for Integrity Affairs, Counselor Jamal Al-Jalawi, to take the final decision, either to cancel the ban or approve the renewal of residence for 500 dinars with mandatory health insurance or whatever the decision the authorities may take in this regard is still awaited.

The sources confirmed Minister Al-Jalawi has full perception of the issue and work is underway to adopt “the easiest solution to the issue which will contributes to protecting the rights of everyone and does not cause any harm to the economic sectors at the same time.”

However, some sources said the issue has created a commotion and some companies have already started terminating the services of their experienced hands instead of waiting indefinitely for a very long time.

These employees have been told by their companies that they will be reemployed should a decision be issued to renew their work permits, but the ones who will face a real problem are those who may look for a new employer to sponsor them.

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