Dr. Ghanem Al-Hujailan, a consultant in infectious and internal diseases, revealed there is a new wave of Corona virus in Kuwait, indicating it is likely that this wave is the mutant of Omicron B4.

Al-Hujailan tweeted saying the infections have increased in Saudi Arabia and average between 531 and 928 in a week; in the UAE it is between 291 and 937 and in Kuwait from 63 to 378, indicating that he also noticed an increase among doctors and nurses with suspected infections of corona.

The strange thing is that the patient asks for a corona test, and there is a possibility that the medical staff, specifically those who have symptoms, are not tested.”

Al-Hujailan said he is surprised at the virus infection statistics in Kuwait. He stressed that on a day 823 infections were recorded and 372 days later. This indicates neglect and failure to track the course of the disease, estimating the daily infections in Kuwait at about 1,500 injuries.

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