Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Oil, Chairman of the Supreme Council for the Environment, Dr. Muhammad Al-Faris has formed a fact-finding committee to look into the verdict that Ali Sabah Al-Salem (Umm Al-Hayman) is unfit for habitation, and has asked the committee to submit its recommendations to its Supreme Council to take the necessary action in this regard.

A local Arabic daily has learned that during an emergency meeting held at the Environment Public Authority, chaired by him, Al-Faris recommended that periodic studies of air quality in residential areas be carried out to ensure the air pollutants are not above the permissible level keeping in mind the health and safety of citizens.

The authority stated, in a press statement issued by it, and reported by KUNA, that the Umm Al-Hayman area was the focus of the emergency meeting, where the historical sequence of cases related to the region was presented in the various stages of litigation and the final verdicts issued by the Court of Cassation which states that the claims submitted by the people of the area are rejected after the studies submitted by the authority and other government agencies that benefit the health and environment of the area.

He explained the Supreme Council for the Environment reviewed the historical data from 2010 until 2021 for the concentrations of atmospheric pollutants measured at the continuous monitoring station located in the Ali Sabah Al-Salem suburb of the Environment Public Authority, to ensure that all the observed concentrations fall within the permissible limits and standards that are guided in the executive regulations on quality of life.

He pointed out that accordingly, it was decided to form a fact-finding committee regarding the ruling regarding the invalidity of the Ali Sabah Al-Salem area, and to submit its recommendations quickly to the Supreme Council to take the necessary action, with the recommendation to conduct periodic studies of air quality in residential areas, to ensure that pollutants do not rise and maintain the health of and safety of citizens.

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