The Minister of State for Municipal Affairs, Dr. Rana Al-Fares has adopted the decision of the Municipal Council to approve the request of the Kuwait Municipality to reorganize part of plots No. 4 and 7 in the Qibla area of Kuwait City, in accordance with the provisions of Law 78/40 and the regulations issued for the renovation of the Mubarakiya market destroyed by the fire, in coordination with the National Council for Arts, Culture and Letters.

In the letter addressed to the President of the Municipal Council, Abdullah Al-Mahri, the Minister also approved the letter of the Director-General of the Environment Public Authority, Abdullah Al-Ahmad, amending the municipality’s decision regarding the ban on shisha in closed places, to “the ban on shisha except in the places designated for it, in accordance with the Environmental Law and the requirements of the Kuwait Municipality.

She also approved the request of the Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport to allocate a rainwater pumping station in the Nuwaiseeb Chalets area, in accordance with the advisory agreement.

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