The Kuwait International Airport is bracing to contain the expected hectic travel season in the face of waning fears of Covid-19 infections and the country taking necessary health measures by vaccinating a large number of residents and citizens and the Directorate-General of Civil Aviation lifting travel restrictions.

A local Arabic daily said the concerned authorities at the airport are preparing for summer flight schedules which are expected to kickoff next May, the first in nearly two years. The plan for summer flight schedules this year is different as airlines are keen to launch new travel destinations linking Kuwait to the world, which will lead to a significant revival of travel, especially with the approaching start of the blessed Eid Al-Fitr vacation which coincides with the summer vacation.

The current summer season will be different and more popular than the past two years, which saw the highest rate of reluctance to travel due to severe restrictions and intense health requirements in many airports around the world, according to the source pointing out that the airlines operating at the airport exceed 42 and they have presented their summer flight schedules for this summer season to choose new and diverse travel destinations that witness high demand from travelers, especially tourist destinations.

The source revealed the most popular travel destinations are Istanbul, Antalya, Mycanos, Bodrum, Paris, Tbilisi, Trabzon, Beirut, Cairo, Dubai, Sarajevo, Vienna, Madrid, Milan, Munich, Bangkok, Sharm El Sheikh, Baku, Frankfurt, and Riyadh.

In the meantime, the operational sectors at the airport are preparing to start the countdown to raise the degree of readiness to receive travelers who will spend their summer vacation outside the country.

The source pointed out that the plan of the agencies operating at the airport depends on improving the general performance of the operational and support sectors, as well as developing and improving services provided to passengers, raising work efficiency and trying to accommodate the increase in the number of passengers and users of Kuwait International Airport.

The source added the incoming and departure halls and accompanying services are equipped to ensure the speedy completion of work, coordination with customs and the Ministry of the Interior to shorten entry and departure procedures, and the introduction of additional “counters” for incoming and outgoing passengers, especially during peak times, and the formation of a 24-hour working team to follow up the progress of business, ensuring that the required services are provided to travelers to the fullest, and submitting periodic reports.

The most prominent features of the plan at the airport for the upcoming summer season are:

• Improving the performance of the operational and support sectors and ensuring their readiness

• Developing and improving services provided to passengers and raising work efficiency

• Accommodating the increase in the number of passengers and users of Kuwait International Airport

• Equipping arrival and departure halls and accompanying services

• Coordination with the Customs Department and the Interior Ministry to shorten the procedures for arrivals and departures.

• Operating additional counters for incoming and outgoing passengers at peak times.

• Forming a 24-hour working team to follow up the progress of work

• Submitting periodic reports to take direct action to avoid any negligence in the area of work

• Facilitate passenger traffic and work flow

The airport is currently witnessing a noticeable increase in the number of flights heading to the Holy Land in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah, especially with the approaching last ten days of Ramadan, where the rates of daily flights reach between 10 to 13 flights.

With the approaching Eid al-Fitr holiday, many airlines are keen to prepare additional flights to many destinations, most notably Cairo and Alexandria especially from the April 20 to May 8.

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