Airport customs officers within 48 hours have seized marijuana, hashish, alcoholic drinks, 278 narcotic Larica pills, in addition to cocaine and cannabis oil.

The Public Relations Department of Customs indicated that the air customs officers were able to seize a variety of drugs, from 4 passengers, who arrived into the country from various destinations, reports a local Arabic daily.

The department said one of the travelers who arrived from Amsterdam was seized with a bag of marijuana and a marijuana cigarette; another Arab passenger was caught with a piece of hashish and alcoholic drinks and arrived from Sharm El Sheikh Airport in Egypt; yet another who arrived from Dhaka in Bangladesh was caught with marijuana and 224 Larica pills were seized from a passenger coming from Bangkok.

The air customs officers were able to seize a bag of cocaine and 3 bags of marijuana, as well as 54 Larica pills, a bag of marijuana and hashish oil with travelers coming from London, after they were searched after the customs inspectors suspected them.

All of them with the contraband have been referred to the concerned authorities for interrogation.

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