The Joint Wafra Operations will be affected by a wave of wide administrative changes that may result in the transfer of more than 220 Kuwaiti engineers and employees from this to the head office of the Gulf Oil Company in Ahmadi, and then they may be transferred to the Kuwait Oil Company or one of its affiliated oil companies or the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation.

A local Arabic daily quoting reliable sources indicated that the process of transferring these employees and engineers may result in them losing ‘travel’ allowance, which constitutes approximately one third of their monthly salary, as the workers there receive 2.5 working hours as a road allowance, pointing out that the road allowance may reach two thousand dinars per month for the team leader.

When the sources asked about the reasons for transferring workers enmasse to the main office, they indicated that it comes within the framework of an agreement made between the partners to reduce and rationalize spending in the Joint Wafra Operations, and that these employees can carry out the tasks of their jobs from the main office in Ahmadi without the need for them to go to Wafra instead of paying them the road allowance.

The sources called on the management of the Gulf Oil Company to adhere to a single rule in the event of applying the decision to all employees, and that there should be no favoritism in choosing the employees to be transferred. The sources expected that the company would issue an administrative circular in this regard within the next few weeks, and the most prominent features of the changes are:

First: dispensing with the departments of services, studies and project design in the Joint Wafra Operations, while maintaining the departments of operational and maintenance operations and their dependencies.

Second: Abolishing the post of directors in joint Wafra operations while keeping the rest of the directors to represent “Gulf Oil” and “Chevron” equally.

Third: Dissolution of the Services Directorate — Transfer of accounting, administrative affairs, training, planning and audit team staff.

Fourth: Transfer of field development team employees and management of exploration and production data.

Fifth: Transferring the supply manager and replacing the asset manager with him (Al-Wafra) in the main office, due to the closeness of his service to 35 years.

Sixth: Transfer of the contracts team and the employees of the Projects Engineering Directorate and its teams, except for the employees of the Construction and Execution Department.

Seventh: Dissolving the Steam Flooding Directorate so that the steam operations team will be transferred to the Operations Directorate and the rest of the employees will be transferred to the Ahmadi office.

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