In a move to address complaints from airport taxi drivers and protect the livelihoods of retirees holding official permits, Kuwait’s Acting Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled, has issued immediate instructions for a crackdown on illegal passenger services at Kuwait International Airport, reported Al-Rai Daily.

According to informed security sources, these instructions come in response to reports of harassment and crowding faced by retired citizens who operate airport taxis from some private vehicle owners. These individuals have been offering unsanctioned passenger pickup services, often charging exorbitant fees, which has negatively impacted the earnings of legal airport taxi drivers.

Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, a significant number of traffic investigation officers will be deployed, along with bolstered airport security personnel on round-the-clock duty. Their primary mission is to apprehend any residents caught loading passengers illegally and promptly deport them from the country. For illegal residents (Bedoon), their vehicles will be impounded for a period of two months, and they will face precautionary detention for 48 hours.

This swift action by Minister Al-Khaled aims to put an end to such activities that not only threaten the livelihoods of retirees but also undermine the rights of passengers arriving at Kuwait International Airport. Retired taxi drivers, who hold permits from the General Administration of Civil Aviation and are accredited at the airport, have legitimate oversight to offer transportation services to travelers. In contrast, private vehicle owners engaging in these activities are often unidentified individuals, some of whom have been reported to deceive travelers by accepting money for fake hotel reservations.

Additionally, a forthcoming meeting is expected to convene taxi owners, numbering approximately 500, with the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior and security leaders. The purpose of this meeting is to address the demands of taxi owners and collaborate on finding solutions to the ongoing issues at Kuwait International Airport.

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