In an effort to maintain the aesthetic value of the country, the municipality is conducting an ongoing action to remove any trash or encroachments on state property, particularly cars and other vehicles, as indicated in the Article 9 of the Ministerial Resolution No. 190 of 2008 which stipulates that “no vehicles may be left neglected in the streets, sidewalks, and public squares”. Accordingly, a warning sticker is placed on the vehicle for the lifting process after 48 hours.

The municipality added that car sales in streets and public squares are prohibited, specifically the ones with stickers and are removed after 24 hours. In addition, officials have the right to seize and impound vehicles, wherein after three months and no one retrieves it, the vehicle is offered by public auction and the dues is deducted from its value. Moreover, the municipality disclaims responsibility for any damages as a result of lifting, transporting or impounding the vehicle, while warning anyone who removes the warning sticker would cost the owner legal accountability as officials keep a copy of the issued stickers.

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