Indian Learners Own Academy (ILOA) welcomed the 5th session of ‘Transforming Lives’, Kuwait, with the key theme ‘It’s not over!’, and the event was a truly transforming experience. The students of classes 10, 11 and 12 got the privilege to be a part of this Global Youth Movement.

“A successful woman is the one who lays a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her”. This quote truly matches Rachel Francis and other successful women like her,who ignored criticism from their friends, family and society, and never gave up on their dreams.

Rachel Francis is a singer, songwriter, solo artist and musician from Mumbai who has been touring extensively with the live jam team, since 2014.

The program commenced with the singing of three fascinating songs, led by Rachel, and the live jam band. Their key motto was to teach teenagers to use the right moment to say “No, Go and Tell!”.

Rachel then shared her life story, which was presented as an example for all the teenagers in the audience. She delivered wise words with the aim of transforming the audience’s thoughts and cultivating confidence and courage among them and inspiring self-confidence among the students.

In a nutshell, the students learned from Rachel not to listen to the voice of the world that criticized them and asked them to conform to an image that did not really represent who they were as individuals. Rachel taught the audience to listen to their hearts, and to be who they really wanted to be. Her message inspired the students and made them forget their struggling past.

Report by – Fahmida, X A, Literary Secretary

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