Yoga is one of the best sports that improve the overall health of the body and mind together, because it focuses on breathing and relaxation, as well as stretching exercises, which give extraordinary flexibility to the body.

This sport has received great attention in the Gulf countries, as there is a broad base of its practitioners. In Kuwait, this sports has witnessed great popularity, over recent years, and there has been a great demand for its practice, by different age groups, reports a local Arabic daily.

Yoga and fitness instructor Eman Al-Husseinan told the daily “this sport has become a healthy lifestyle and an effective way to reduce psychological stress,” pointing to “the great demand for it from different age groups of both sexes.”

Al-Husseinan went on to say: “Women are more interested in this sport than men, as a result of the availability of yoga classes in all health clubs. Many athletes, who make an effort to carry weights and run, are keen to benefit from yoga sessions, as well as the elderly, whose ages range between 50 and 60.”

Al-Hussainan pointed to the challenges facing yoga instructors, including the difficulty of obtaining a gym for personal training, and that renting is expensive, especially in the summer, when the instructor cannot take participants to the sea or anywhere open, due to the summer heat.

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