With the announcement of the 9-day holiday by the government on the occasion of National Day and Liberation days holidays, the demand for travel by citizens and residents has shot up and they have started plans to spend the vacation outside Kuwait, and the diverse destinations, as usual, include Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Sharm El-Sheikh, Dubai, London, and the Maldives, all the way to Luxor and Aswan.

The people in the tourism and travel sector stressed as soon as the holiday was announced, the pace of reservations picked up significantly, and expected to reach the ‘fully booked’ levels bringing to the level of before the pandemic, which some called ‘post-Corona awakening’, especially since travel options start from 100 dinars for trips to nearby destinations, including performing Umrah for 3 days during that holiday.

A member of the Board of Directors and head of the media committee in the Federation of Tourism and Travel Offices, Hussein Al-Sulaiten, said the announcement of the 9-day holidays motivated citizens and residents to begin plans for a quick vacation that would renew their activity.

Al-Sulaiten stressed the easing of precautionary measures by the health authorities in Kuwait, foremost of which is allowing the end to quarantine upon arrival, on the condition of conducting a negative PCR test, stimulated citizens and residents to travel with confidence, especially after the previous decision to quarantine upon return constituted a burden on their shoulders before canceling it.

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