Recent official figures revealed that about 84 percent of the country’s residents, who work in the government and private sectors, have below university educational qualifications and half of them have intermediate degrees, while 43% of citizens in the labor market have university degrees.

Statistics issued by the Central Administration of Statistics showed as follows:

— 36,964 qualifications above high school and below university

— 322,766 high school qualifications and equivalent

— 717,239 have average qualifications

— 129924 primary qualifications

— 7767 can only read and write

— 269 illiterate

According to the recently issued statistics related to the numerical and relative distribution of employment by sector, educational level, nationality and gender, according to the situation until March 31, 2022, and does not include the family sector (servants and the like), the percentage of expatriate workers who do not read and write does not exceed 0.5%, while holders of primary degrees is about 9 percent, the percentage of secondary school holders is 22.3 percent, and the percentage of those holding high school and below university is 2.5 percent, while the largest percentage of those holding intermediate degrees is 49.5 percent.

On the other hand, the number of residents who hold university degrees is 214,858, or 14.8 percent, and 14,244 graduate students, or 1 percent.

As for citizens, the figures showed that their number in the public and private sectors is 434,825, the majority of whom are university students.

Citizens are distributed according to educational level, as follows:

— 20,005 graduates with post-graduate qualifications (about 4.5 percent)

— 187,721 have university degrees (about 43%)

— 57,036 qualifications above high school and below university (about 13 percent)

— 91,923 have a high school diploma or its equivalent (about 21 percent)

— 48,428 have an intermediate degree (about 11 percent)

There are also 10,001 who have primary qualifications, 46 can only read and write, and two are illiterate, in addition to 19,663 whose educational level has not been determined.

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