Following the recent mass inspections in the Hawally Governorate, at least 72 facilities were closed in violation of safety and fire prevention conditions and 636 other facilities were closed on other violations, according to an Arab daily. Hawalli Governor, Ali Al-Asfar, confirmed the statistics of the violations by the inspection teams of the General Fire Service, where several warehouses were monitored and found to be in violation of the safety conditions.

Al-Asfar stressed the need to hold accountable anyone who attempts to tamper with the security of the country and its constituents. He also stated that applying the law firmly aims to protect the society from disasters, and that the countries and institutions are progressing and developing through their commitment to regulations and laws.

Moreover, Al-Asfar expressed his pride in the vital role played by the national competencies consisting of the members of the public fire force in preserving security and saving lives during disasters.

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