The Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fisheries Resources revealed 700 palm trees on the highways last died last July, because the contract for watering and caring for these trees was not renewed with the company executing the project.

Environment activists and voluntary teams renewed their demand and launched an initiative last May, under the title ‘For a more beautiful Kuwait’, with the aim of preserving the vegetation cover and beautifying the country’s areas with green trees, reports a local Arabic daily.

These activists stressed the need to intensify greening campaigns and unite the efforts of all parties, to improve the aesthetic shape of the country’s different regions and to add civilized touches to the streets and roads, and to expedite the implementation of tree-planting projects to confront pollution on the one hand, and achieve the vision required to beautify the face of Kuwait and reduce arid desertification areas, on the one other hand.

In light of the length of the documentary cycle between government agencies and institutions, the waiting for approvals to submit float tenders, informed sources in the Public Authority for Agriculture and Fish Resources confirmed that it led to the death of many trees, plants and palm trees.

The sources suggested that the authority will hold a meeting with officials of companies wishing to implement the watering project, whose cost is estimated at 200,000 dinars, for a period of 6 months from the date of the start of its work. This is to ensure that additional numbers of trees are planted and they do not die on the roadside, especially with rising temperatures and humidity.

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