Chargé d’affaires at the Embassy of Thailand, Watanachai Narandon, said his country has removed all restrictions and health conditions related to “Covid 19” for all tourists.

He disclosed last year about 70,000 tourists from Kuwait visited his country, reports Al-Rai daily.

He was speaking at a “Symposium on Medical Treatment and Tourism in Thailand”, which was organized in cooperation with the Thai private sector for health and wellness, at the Jumeirah Hotel Thursday morning

Narandon added that his country has provided people all over the world with a wonderful combination of medical treatment and medical tourism.

He stated that Thailand has 59 hospitals accredited by the Joint Commission International or JCI, which is the highest number among the countries of Asia, the Pacific and South Asia, and ranks fourth in the world.

He referred to the facilities that are provided to Kuwaitis visiting Thailand for treatment, through specialized information offices and agencies in Kuwait, before traveling.

He added, “There are no diseases or symptoms that cannot be treated in Thailand, because our doctors have experience, expertise and great professionalism in various medical fields.”

He concluded saying his country is preparing to be the medical center of the world, under the national strategy for Thailand as an international medical center 2017-2026.

In turn, Director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand for the Middle East and Dubai, Chaiwatt Tamthai, said that Thailand has always been considered the first travel destination with its tropical islands, cuisine, historical and cultural treasures, and bustling markets, and it has also become known for wellness and comprehensive health on a global level.

He added, “According to the Global Health Security Index (GHS) for the year 2019, Thailand ranked first in Asia, and sixth out of 195 countries for the strongest health security in the world, especially during the epidemic.”

“With well-established tourism, medical and wellness sectors, the number of health and wellness tourists to Thailand has increased steadily since the early 2000s, taking its place at the top of the global health and wellness tourism destination.

He pointed out that the reasons that enable Thailand to control this growing market are the reasonable cost of medical treatment, the good treatment provided by hospitals and private clinics, and the highly developed tourism industry.

He noted that in 2019, it received more than 39 million visitors from all over the world and more than 78,199 Kuwaitis, and now the situation is improving and the tourism momentum is picking up again.

He ndicated that there are nearly 400 hospitals that provide advanced services to foreign patients. The country is proud of having the largest private hospital in Asia, as well as having the first Asian hospital to obtain ISO 9001 certification and JCI accreditation.

Thailand’s health sector in numbers

• Fourth in the world with 59 internationally accredited hospitals
• The first in Asia and the sixth out of 195 countries for the strongest health security
• 400 hospitals provide advanced services to foreigners
• It contains the largest private hospital in Asia
• The first Asian hospital to obtain ISO 9001 and JCI

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