Seventy percent of development spending (886.59 million dinars) in Kuwait during the fiscal (2022/2023) is concentrated in 5 government agencies, of the 1.27 billion dinars earmarked for development spending in all regions.

The data showed that the list of the top 5 spending entities on development projects in Kuwait includes the ministries of Works and Health, the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and the Public Authority for Housing Welfare, in addition to Kuwait University.

The development list from the expenditure point is as follows:

1 – The Ministry of Works topped the list with about 34.5% of spending, equivalent to 439.75 million dinars.

2 – The Public Authority for Housing Welfare came second and accounted for about 20.5% of the total expenditure, equivalent to 260.4 million dinars.

3 – The Ministry of Health came in third place with about 162.22 million dinars of the volume of spending on development projects with about 13%.

4 – The Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and its subsidiaries were fourth with 139 million dinars or about 11%.

5 – The Kuwait University share was 7.88% estimated at 100.3 million dinars.

As for the number of projects, the data showed that there are 7 government agencies that control 515 of the total number of development projects during the current year, as these agencies undertake about 66 projects out of 129 development projects included in the development plan (2022/2023), as the list of the highest agencies came In implementation of the development projects as follows:

1 – The Ministry of Electricity and Water ranked first with 19 projects worth 23.4 million dinars.

2 – The Ministry of Health came in second place with 11 projects at an estimated cost of 162.2 million dinars.

3 – The Ministry of Public Works share was 7% of the projects (9 projects) worth 439.75 million dinars.

4 – The Public Ports Authority, the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research and the National Center for Education Development: ranked fourth, as each of them acquired 7 development projects

5 – The Public Authority for Housing Welfare was fifth with 6 projects worth 260.39 million dinars.

The data showed that the list of entities that spent the most on development during the first quarter of the current fiscal (2022/2023) included the Ministry of Public Works with about 18.1 million dinars, followed by the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, which spent about 9.59 million dinars and third the Kuwait University, which spent 3.25 million dinars.

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