The Ministry of Interior is exerting considerable efforts to apprehend violators and individuals engaged in illicit activities. These efforts have resulted in the arrest of 50 individuals, including eight for running an unlicensed restaurant from a private residence, serving both imported and locally manufactured alcoholic beverages and pork.

In a thorough search and investigation, officers from the Criminal Security Sector (Criminal Investigation and Licensing Department) discovered that the defendants had converted their private residence into an unlicensed restaurant, reports Al-Rai daily.

The daily added, after getting permission from the Public Prosecution, a team of inspectors raided the place and arrested the suspects who were caught red-handed carrying out the illegal activity.

During the operation, the inspectors seized money and 489 bottles of locally manufactured alcoholic beverages, 54 containers of raw material, 10 bottles of imported alcohol, and 218 kilos of pork. The Public Authority for Food and Nutrition has confiscated the food products.

In a separate incident, 34 individuals of various nationalities faced charges in 16 distinct cases related to engaging in immoral activities and vices, accepting monetary compensation. These cases were reported in areas such as Mahboula, Mangaf, Salmiya, and Farwaniya.

In yet another seizure, conducted by officers from the Criminal Investigation Department (Department of Financial, Administrative, and Maintenance Services), led to the arrest of eight Asians involved in stealing construction materials and equipment from homes under construction and storing them in a private location.

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