In a remarkable achievement for the Kuwaiti product, Dr. Issa Al-Issa, an activist in the environmental field and the natural honey industry, announced that 5 types of B-Organic honey have won gold medals at the London International Honey Competition 2022.

Al-Issa told a local Arabic daily that this great victory is nothing but further progress for Kuwait, indicating that the harvest of gold medals came through the keenness of B-Organic apiaries on distinguished bee breeds, reports a local Arabic daily.

He explained that “hundreds of trees were planted around our apiaries, and we carefully picked honey, then stored and packaged honey at the highest international standards.”

He said: “We dedicate our victory to Kuwait, this land that has given unceasingly and without negligence. Even its honey is distinguished and has proven its presence in international forums.”

As for the types of Kuwaiti honey that won medals and international distinction are Sidr, spring flowers honey, eucalyptus and willow honey, Yemeni Al-Osaimi Sidr honey, in addition to Acacia honey.”

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