The cost of return air ticket to Kuwait has increased 5 times from the same destination, as active destinations recorded departure ticket prices at levels below 20 dinars, while the prices of return tickets range between 140 and 190 dinars during at the moment.

People well versed with tourism and travel sector told a local Arabic daily that the rise in prices of return tickets to Kuwait is natural since the end of the summer vacation season is just around the corner and return tickets to Kuwait are in demand, as reserving a seat is becoming increasingly difficult as people rush to resume work on time especially since during this season a record number of people left for vacation after a hiatus of about two years due to travel restrictions imposed by Covid-19 pandemic.

Market sources indicated that citizens and residents who are not in a hurry to return – people who do not have commitment such as to return to work or study — have an opportunity to plan and start a vacation at a lower cost and enjoy very competitive prices for flights,. At the same time, they indicated that ticket prices will not make any difference, whether they are booked from Kuwait or from outside.

Initially, a member of the Federation of Tourism and Travel Offices, Director General of the Ticket Office, Abdul Rahman Al-Kharafi, said that the current period is witnessing an increasing demand for reservations for incoming flights to Kuwait compared to departing flights, which contributed to the rise in ticket prices.

Al-Kharafi stated that the prices of tickets for flights departing from Kuwait are witnessing a significant decline, especially for some destinations that have a weak turnout near the end of the summer vacation, including the two destinations of Alexandria and Assiut in Egypt, which reached low prices of nearly 20 dinars for departure tickets, while the cost of one-way ticket to Cairo is 27 dinars.

Director General of Bash Aviation Company for Tourism and Travel, Muhammad Bashir, said that the increase in the prices of return tickets to Kuwait falls within a normal framework, especially since the current period until the start of schools constitutes the season for travelers returning from annual and summer holidays.

Director of Sales Department at Al-Kharafi Travels, Naji Khader, said that the increasing demand for return tickets by citizens to Kuwait comes mainly from European destinations, Turkey and Thailand, as return ticket prices from London to Kuwait has shot up to 204 dinars, and from Istanbul to Kuwait about 226 dinars, and 110 dinars from Baku.

Among the destinations from which residents come to Kuwait include Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and India which are witnessing an increasing demand, with the prices of return tickets from Jordan to Kuwait between 150 and 220 dinars, from Cairo and Alexandria range from 140 to more than 160 dinars, from Beirut 176 dinars. Khader expects the prices of return tickets to Kuwait will drop to up to 70% in the middle of next month.

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