A questionnaire conducted by the Endocrinology and Diabetes Unit at Jaber Al-Ahmad Hospital, on about 400 outpatients of the hospital, after a period of the end of the total and partial ban in the country, revealed that 54% of those covered in the questionnaire feel satisfied with their physical health since the beginning of the Corona pandemic until now, in addition to the 50% of them complaining of increased body mass and change in dietary habits during the pandemic among 59% of respondens.

Noura Al-Muhailbi, a researcher in health education in the Endocrinology and Diabetes Unit, stated that, according to the questionnaire, 48.6% of them had an increased rate of stress and depression during that period, reports a local Arabic daily.

The questionnaire also showed that 24% of the people constantly consumed foods high in sugars and starches during the pandemic, and 17.5% consumed foods high in fats periodically, while only 31.8% were keen to constantly eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals during the pandemic.

Al-Muhailbi confirmed in a statement, that the questionnaire indicated that walking was the most practiced type of sport during the pandemic period, noting that 57% of them practiced it, while 7.8% of them practiced riding a stationary or mobile bike, 4.5% swimming, and, 7.5% practiced lifting weights or stretching ligaments, and 13.3% practiced training sessions with a specialist in attendance.

Al-Muhailbi noted that 46.8% of the followers noticed that their weight increased during the pandemic, while 11% of them had one of the chronic diseases “diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, stroke, heart muscle weakness, respiratory diseases or cancer.” While 29.3% of them stated that they had a chronic disease before the pandemic, and the disease developed during the Corona crisis.

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