Move is part of effort by government to repatriate residents stranded due to COVID-19

Today, Kuwait International Airport will witness the departure of 4,475 passengers, the majority of whom are Egyptians, on board 22 flights, Kuwaiti media has reported.

This number of departing passengers via 22 flights for a number of Arab and Asian capitals is the largest in one day since the beginning of the crisis and the closure of airspace due to the coronavirus.

Today, 3,164 Egyptian citizens living in the country and holders of business, tourist and family visas will leave for their country after the airport was shut down due to the coronavirus crisis.

Two flights will depart to India with 342 passengers on board, two flights to Tehran with 435 passengers,one flight to Madagascar with 334, one to Bangladesh with 334 passengers and a flight to Doha with 200 passengers on board.

The General Administration of Civil Aviation stressed to all airlines, ground service providers and passengers the need to adhere to health protocols including social distancing among passengers, wearing gloves and masks and having the temperature taken for all travelers.

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