According to the National Committee to Prevent Trafficking in Persons, 400 expatriate workers have repatriated to their home countries in 2018. The Standing National Committee against migrant trafficking had implemented the National Strategy to Prevent Trafficking in Persons and Smuggling of Migrants back in 2018 which was a move to facilitate the return of the victims of human trafficking to their countries. Vulnerable expatriate workers who have fallen into the hands of illegal recruiters and trafficking dens received appropriate assistance through the aid of the Ministry of Interior, the Authority for Manpower and the victims’ respective embassies.

As the country is keen in taking immediate and effective measures in fighting modern-day slavery and eradicating force labour in the country, the committee in a press statement affirmed to achieve the goals set for the Global Compact for Migration and Combating Trafficking in Persons by incorporating it under the sustainable development goal No. 8.7 in the country’s development plan.

The Manpower Authority was praised for its staunch efforts to protect and assist expatriate workers in achieving their legal rights against violators, and for its decision to establish a shelter for abused women workers which provided services that cater to their protection, as well as, supported them with legal assistance and health care, apart from the expatriation program which was coordinated by the International Organisation for Migration.

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