The Kuwait Petroleum Corporation board of directors has approved the renewal of the health insurance contract for workers in the oil sector and their families. The contract will cost the KPC less than 40 million dinars, especially in light of their high numbers.

Informed sources told a local Arabic daily that the extension of health insurance contract comes as a guarantee of providing continued health care to workers, especially since the clinical capacity of the Kuwait Oil Hospital has become less than required, and there are diseases and cases that require treatment outside the hospital.

The sources pointed out that the KOC board of directors requested coordination with Kuwait Oil Company to study the hospital’s work and development mechanism after the treatment costs shot up and the number of auditors exceeded the clinical capacity of the new KOC hospital with the increase in the number of workers.

On the other hand, the sources confirmed that the KPC is seeking during the current period to reconsider many vital files, whether technical related to oil or administrative operations related to workers and their requirements to provide the appropriate environment for work and ensure that they receive the necessary services for them and their families, allowing them to achieve the Corporation’s strategic objectives.

The sources pointed out that the CEO of KPC, Sheikh Nawaf Saud Al-Sabah, is seeking to create an appropriate climate for workers in various sectors to implement the sector strategy 2040.

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