The total number of checks presented in Kuwait during 2022 was 4.18 million to about 148.8 thousand customers, with a total value of about 26.93 billion dinars, down by 0.5 percent from what it was in 2021, when it amounted to 4.2 billion dinars.

According to Central Bank of Kuwait data, the number of checks returned during 2022 for lack of balance amounted to about 3962 checks with a total of 59.8 million dinars, belonging to about 2587 customers, declining in value by about 47.1 million dinars, or by 44 percent, as it reached in 2021 about 106.9 million dinars, reports Al-Rai daily.

The data showed an increase in the value of checks that caused accounts to be closed during 2022, by about 64.8 percent, reaching 30 million dinars, compared to 18.2 million in 2021, and the number of such checks last year amounted to 1.89 thousand, and the number of accounts closed because of them reached 608 accounts.

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