The government spent 21% of the estimated financial appropriations for development plan projects during the first 6 months of the current fiscal (2021/2022), at 359.2 million dinars out of 1.7 billion dinars estimated for the whole year for 131 projects.

The annual development plan follow-up report during the first half of the current fiscal (1/4/2021 to 9/30/2021), a copy of which is seen by Al-Anba, showed that the pillar of an effective government administration, in which 11 government agencies participate, and includes 12 projects spent on it 31.7 thousand dinars, which constitutes 0.43% of the total appropriations, amounting to 7.4 million dinars.

As for the diversified and sustainable economy, 12 entities participate in it with about 22 projects, on which 136.28 million dinars were spent, or 37% of the total allocated amount of 366.7 million dinars, while the percentage of spending on advanced infrastructure reached 24.8%, (125.77 million dinars out of 506.6 million dinars).

The volume of spending on the pillar of a sustainable living environment was 2.87% of the appropriations, at a rate of 13.33 million dinars, out of 464.12 million dinars approved to spend on 14 projects at 7 government agencies. In the first 6 months of this fiscal year, 19.7% of the high-quality healthcare credits were spent at 45.89 million dinars out of 232.36 million dinars approved for 16 projects in 4 government agencies.

The rate of spending on a pillar of creative human capital was 28.4%, at 37.38 million dinars, from appropriations estimated at 131.6 million dinars for about 22 projects in 9 government agencies, while about 513.6 thousand dinars were spent on the distinguished international position, which constitutes 17.6% of the appropriations estimated at 2.9 million dinars for 6 projects in 4 government agencies.

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