In a move that paves the way for solving the dilapidated road crisis and addressing the problem of flying gravel that has been going on for years, informed sources revealed that foreign embassies in the country have provided the Ministry of Works with the names of 35 international governmental and private companies to participate in the maintenance of roads and streets and the re-laying of asphalt, Arabic paper Al Qabas reported.

Based on the meeting held by the Minister of Works and Minister of Electricity and Water, Dr. Amani Bou Kamaz, with representatives of these embassies earlier this month, the embassies of Turkey, Japan, China, France, Korea and Germany nominated 35 leading companies, while representatives of the US embassy expressed their readiness to provide the required support and expertise in the field of infrastructure.

The sources stated that the team formed by the ministry for this purpose opened channels of communication with companies, and it is expected that everything related to their inquiries regarding the road file in the country will be completed within two weeks through video conference meetings or bringing representatives of those companies to Kuwait and meeting with them.

She explained that the ministry will require companies to register with the Investment Promotion Authority as a first step before working with them, in addition to opening a file to establish their headquarters in Kuwait to achieve several goals, foremost of which is the transfer of international expertise and the provision of job opportunities for Kuwaiti national cadres.

While the sources suggested that contracting with these companies is a limited practices system, which is currently being discussed with state agencies, they expected the first steps of international companies to work on asphalt brushes to start in mid-July, provided that the brushes will be completed as soon as possible.

The sources stressed that all the companies that have been nominated are pioneers in the field of roads and infrastructure in their countries, and cooperation with them will be according to conditions that guarantee the right of the ministry and preserve public money.

Nominated Companies

20 Turkish companies

5 Japanese companies

3 Chinese companies

3 French

3 Korean

1 German company

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