The spokeswoman for the Kuwait Credit Bank, Habari Al-Khashti, said the Credit Bank is the first government institution that is unique in providing its services through artificial intelligence technology, according to an ambitious strategy set by the bank’s management in order to provide the best service to citizens in the simplest and easiest way.

Al-Khashti stressed that the artificial intelligence technology services which the bank provides do not require the personal presence of citizens in any of the bank’s branches, and do not require submitting documents from various state authorities.

The services are provided without human intervention by the bank’s employees and are completed within a few minutes. Credit works permanently and continuously to develop its services and provide them to all citizens with the same quality and efficiency around the clock, seven days a week in order to achieve corporate governance.

Al-Khashti announced that the total number of beneficiaries of the bank’s services using artificial intelligence technology has reached 3,333, and the bank provides 3 services with artificial intelligence technology — mortgage loan, the marriage loan and the disability grant.

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