During a workshop organized by the Environment Public Authority and the United Nations Environment Office, West Asia Office, the Acting Director General, Samira Al-Kandari, revealed that only 8 percent of the 314,000 tons of plastic waste generated annually in the country is currently recycled. Most of the plastic waste ends up in landfills.

Al Anbaa newspaper reported that the workshop aimed to launch a media campaign that encourages behavioral changes in the consumption of single-use plastic products, targeting educational institutions, companies, and small business owners.

Moreover, the campaign is part of the national action plan for sustainable consumption and production in the country, and it hopes to achieve a real behavioral change towards sustainable consumption and production practices. As part of the government’s environmental strategy for waste management, Kuwait is planning to ban the use of non-biodegradable plastic bags in shopping centers and cooperative societies.

The United Nations Environment Program Representative and the Regional Director for West Asia, Sami Dimassi, also participated in the workshop, launching the “Let’s Spin and Change” campaign, in cooperation with EPA, to reduce single-use plastic waste, which targets the public, particularly young people, and encourage them to switch to environmentally-friendly alternatives.

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