Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

The 30th batch of students taking up culinary workshops at CEE Network Culinary Arts and Lifestyle Courses accomplished their courses; Art of Baking and Decorating Cakes and Breads and Pastries for Bakery, Friday and Saturday morning in the presence of the lead master chefs and trainers of the courses.

The graduates received their certificates duly signed by the master chefs and trainers. The course Breads and Pastries for Bakery aims at providing knowledge on the know-how of making breads popular among bakeries. The workshop includes a one day per week with three hours per session and hands-on closely monitored and supervised by trainers. The products made in classes are taken home by students and not for public consumption or sell, unless the products were not made or baked in the kitchen of the workshop. The Art of Baking and Decorating cakes focus on three popular techniques Ganache and Glaze, Buttercream and Fondant including dressing up cakes with different top decors. The courses are supplemented with a half day seminar discussing costing, marketing and branding of products. The seminar completes the courses as it creates a package of products making and marketing.

Students comprise of different nationalities and medium of instructions is in English and classes are spearheaded by competent trainers and Master Chefs many of whom were former graduates and are currently managing their own on-line selling cakes, bread and delicacies businesses. “I was hesitant at first If I could do it as I literally had no knowledge of baking and I was afraid I’ll fail but with the guidance of trainers and lead chefs I was able to achieve products I never had imagined I could accomplish. I have had initial orders from friends and received very good reviews. This newly acquired knowledge is definitely worth as It can help augment my monthly income” stated Aizle Banes. Cheilou Penuela a former culinary scholar pursued her classes on regular basis and currently also helps out in mentoring other workshops. “I saw the benefits of these courses and for that pursued other programs. I have been making cakes and giving them out as gifts initially and now received orders from friends too. Hopefully with constant practice, I can perfect these products and when its time to return home I can open my own bakery back home.” explained Penuela.

CEE Network Culinary Arts and Lifestyle Workshops currently offers Courses on Baking Breads and Pastries, Cake Decorating, Kids Baking, Japanese Cuisine Cold Dishes and organizes events and programs for the Philippine Overseas Labor Office of the Embassy of the Philippines, Association of South East Asian Nations and Jollibee Kids. Several projects are on pipeline and will launch towards the coming months. CEE Network is the pioneering culinary center formerly based in Saveco from 2018 till 2021, its is also the first company to launch culinary workshops and pride of having 400 graduates with 100 over chefs who secured employment abroad, started their own businesses back home and those in Kuwait are actively receiving cakes and delicacies orders from the public. For more information about CEE Network Culinary Arts and Lifestyle Workshops you may check: FACEBOOK: CEE Network Kuwait / INSTAGRAM: ceenetworkculinaryarts / TIKTOK: ceenetworkculinaryarts / TWITTER: ceenetworkculinaryarts or call: 55650296.

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