The Ministry of Information obtained the approval of the concerned authorities to extend two contracts for two tenders for a period of six months each. The first extension is for a tender contract for broadcasting the first, second, and third satellite channels to the North and South America continent and the surrounding islands, concluded with a company specialized in communications for a period of six months. The extension will start from 1 March 2023, for a total amount of 410.2 thousand dinars, for the Ministry’s needs.

The ministry also obtained the approval of a request for a second extension of a tender contract to carry out operation and maintenance of electricity, mechanics, and generators at the external stations namely Al-Maqwa, Kabd, South Al- Sabahiya, Al-Mutlaa, Al-Subiya, Al-Jiwan 1, Al- Jiwan 2, and Al-Jali’a, which was concluded with a company for a period of six months, starting from 13 March 2023, for a total amount of 301.2. thousand dinars.

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