During the past week the General Traffic Department organized security-traffic campaigns under the field supervision of the Major General Jamal Al-Sayegh, Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic and Operations Affairs at the Ministry of Interior’, which resulted in issuing 30,217 traffic violations, impounding 11 vehicles, and apprehending 87 juveniles who were caught driving without licenses. Moreover, the GTD has referred 71 negligent drivers to the custody of the custody of General Traffic Department.

During the campaign the security officers also arrested 29 people wanted by the General Department of Criminal Execution Sector, as well as the seizure of 20 vehicles wanted by security and judicial authorities.

The Public Relations and Media Department of the General Traffic Department Officer Major Abdullah Buhassan, said the GTD and the General Department of Emergency Police dealt, during the past week, with 2,212 reports of traffic accidents, including 338 reports of collisions that resulted in several injuries, and 1,874 other minor accidents that did not result in any injuries.

Buhassan said the security statistics for the traffic and operations sector showed that the Traffic Operations Department ranked first in recording 8,555 violations, followed by the Hawalli Traffic Department with 8,324 violations, and then the Capital Governorate with 7,517 violations.

Buhassan explained that the General Administration of Emergency Police during the past week, recorded 825 traffic violations, carried out 417 security and traffic operations, and referred 20 vehicles to the police detention garage, in addition to the arrest of 29 wanted criminals, as well as the arrest of 26 persons who did not have identification documents and arrested 3 persons for driving their vehicles while in the state of intoxication.

He stated that the statistics of the General Department of the Emergency Police showed that the police patrols were able to impound 20 vehicles which had judicial verdicts issued against them and they were referred to the competent authorities, in addition to 3 cases of drug use and possession of narcotics, and they were referred to the General Administration for Drug Control.

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