An image, published by the US space agency “NASA”, showed 3 dark black spots on the sun, resembling eyes and a smiling socket.

NASA explained the reality of the image of the sun while “smiling” by saying that “dark spots on the sun, which are seen through ultraviolet light, are known as coronal holes, and they are regions where the fast solar wind flows into space,” reports a local Arabic daily.

However, the scientists pointed out that “the coronal holes are open magnetic field regions, which allow the solar wind to flow out of the sun’s core and create solar storms.”

The scientists also indicated that “waves flowing from the holes may reach a speed of 2.9 million kilometers per hour.” The regions appear dark because they are cooler and less dense than the surrounding plasma regions.

The National Weather Service of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the United States warned of a solar storm that could hit Earth in the coming days, but reassured that it is from the low G1 level.

Magnetic storm G1 has the potential to cause slight fluctuations in power grids and increase aurora activity at the poles.

The website “Science Alert” explains that what happened is the so-called “paridolia” phenomenon, that is, “when we imagine seeing things like faces on random patterns. The trick of the mind this time got a huge body, which is the sun.”

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