Within the framework of the Ministry of Health’s efforts to regulate the private sector pharmacies, Minister of Health Dr. Khaled Al-Saeed has issued a ministerial decision to amend Article 18 of Ministerial Resolution 395 of 1997 regarding the executive regulations of Law No. 28 of 1996 to read as follows ‘The Pharmacist Center is managed by the one who is licensed to practice the profession and who is granted a license to open a pharmaceutical center’.

Al-Saeed also issued a second decision canceling Ministerial Resolution No. 230 of 2010 regarding allowing Kuwaiti pharmacists who have been licensed to practice the profession of pharmacy in the private sector to practice the profession in any other entity in the same sector or for their own account.

The two decisions stipulate giving pharmacies and those concerned a period of 3 months to adjust conditions or risk legal measures.

In a third decision, the Minister of Health suspended consideration of requests to grant licenses to new pharmacies in the private sector, and requests to grant a license to practice the profession of pharmacy to non-Kuwaitis, until the completion of the study in this regard.

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