A week since the airport operations resumed, after the suspension of commercial air traffic for about 12 days in response to the health repercussions of the new strain of Coronavirus.

According to statistics prepared by Al-Qabas daily, based on commercial flight traffic at the airport during the period from 2 to 9 January,  the operating rate did not exceed 22%, while it was scheduled to reach 30% according to the prior operation plan.

The statistics reveal that the total number of departing and arriving flights reached about 556, of which 284 departures and 272 came from several airports, most notably Dubai, Doha, Istanbul, Riyadh, Bahrain, Sharjah and London. Dubai topped the list with the highest number of flights to come to the country within a week, followed by Istanbul and India.

The devices operating at Kuwait International Airport are fully functional to handle the passenger traffic movement due to the commercial departing and arriving flights to the country, which are assisted by intensive precautionary measures including conducting PCR tests by medical staff on all passengers.

In this regard, an informed source told Al-Qabas that there is continuous coordination with all the personnel at the airport in order to provide all logistical services for departing and arriving travellers to the country, explaining that the medical and technical staff are fully prepared to facilitate the movement of passengers from their arrival from the planes until their exit to the parking lots to their cars.

The return of domestic workers

An informed source told Al-Qabas that the plan to return domestic workers from abroad is continuing, as Kuwait International Airport received several flights coming from six Indian airports after the Indian airlines also agreed to participate alongside Kuwait national airlines in transporting passengers.

The source indicated that the agreement also mentions the transport of 400 passengers per day, including 200 for national airlines and 200 for Indian airlines.


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