For the second day in a row, the Kuwait Vaccination Center at the fairgrounds was buzzing with activity, where a large number of medical personnel and frontline workers arrived to take the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, to be followed by another dose, the date of which will be determined later, Al Qabas reported.

A number of Ministry of Health officials and other concerned bodies supervised the process of providing the vaccine to those wishing to receive it. About 2,500 medical personnel and frontline workers received the Pfizer vaccine on Sunday. There was no information indicating that they had side effects of the vaccine, except for pain at the needle sites, and a feeling of weakness in the body, which are symptoms expected after taking any vaccine.

Ongoing checks 

In a related context, informed sources said that the number of people registered for vaccination on the Ministry of Health website exceeded 140,000 people. The sources indicated that the medical teams of the Ministry are still working on conducting tests on a wide range of people infected with Coronavirus daily at random and sometimes specifically, with the aim of monitoring any new strains of the virus, and as of this afternoon, the results of the tests did not show any results on patients.

The sources added to Al-Qabas daily that the new strain, which has spread in South Africa, the United Kingdom, Denmark, the Netherlands, Italy and other countries, has a faster spread rate, but it has not been proven so far to cause increased death rates, or more severe than the current virus.

The sources stated that the examinations focused recently on citizens and expats who recently arrived to the country from the countries of the European Union and the United Kingdom, between 11 to 21 December, in the quarantine house of Jaber Hospital.

7 steps for getting vaccinated

1- The vaccination center receives visitors from nine in the morning until seven in the evening
2- The medical staff working inside the center will stay until the completion of the administrative procedures
3- Once the person intending to receive the vaccine arrives, the barcode for the appointment is checked
4- As soon as someone who has a barcode enters his data, it is recorded and he is directed to the place where the vaccine is scheduled to be received
5- After the person gets the vaccine, he is given the health card with his details recorded and the date of the second dose.
6- For confirmation, a text message will be sent to those who received the first dose, to be reminded of the appointment of the second dose.
7- Those who get the vaccine are advised to stay 15 minutes inside the center to make sure no symptoms appear on them

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