An official source working in the Indian school administration revealed that about 25 percent of its teachers are stuck in India, while many presently employed teachers are considering returning to their homeland at the end of the school year in November, which will possibly lead to a teacher shortage crisis in these schools once the school year resumes, Al Rai daily reported.

The source indicated that the new academic year 2021-2022 began in all 20 Indian schools, last April, including 3 semesters, the first ending on June 10, the second ending on August 25, and the third ending in November.

It added that the current teacher shortage will not pose a problem due to the virtual classes and the distance education system currently in progress, though its effects will be felt if schools resume for students in September.

The source said that the administrative sector in the Ministry of Education will undertake the task of coordinating with the Ministry of the Interior, to facilitate the return of all teachers stranded abroad with entry visas for those who have lost their residency visas because they were unable to renew it, stressing that their number has not reached 2000 teachers. It added that none of them will be excluded from returning to work in government schools.

For his part, Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Development and Activities Faisal Al-Maqseed, asked the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior to approve the issuance of entry visas for workers in the ministry and teachers stranded abroad, with the possibility of converting them into government residency for those whose residency has expired and allowing entry to those whose residency has not expired.

He added that all health and preventive regulations would be followed and will uphold the provisions of the Council of Ministers decision that prevents expats direct travel from India to Kuwait.

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